Sleep and Its Effect One Exercise

Topics: Sleep, Insomnia, Sleep deprivation Pages: 4 (924 words) Published: April 7, 2013
epExperimental studies weaknesses are
* Celing effect
* Small sample size
* Small duration period, such as 1 or 2 days exercise and recording * Lab is not like the home envionrment

Surveyrs have consisntely linked sleep and exercise-
One study by Urponen who assessed a random smaple of adults in Finlan, used open ended questions such as ‘Please state 3 habits that promote sleep’. What was found was : 1. Exercise was grasped as most important habit 33%men 30% female 2. Reading/Listening to music 14%men and 23%women

3. Sauna/Shower 9%men and 9% women

400 hospital and 400 outpatients, any habit that helps you sleep ?

1. >2 times per week, 83% listed exercise
2. Reading was the only other habit listed by >20% of the sample 2003 National Sleep Foundation
55-84 Year olds, those who reported exercise had less complaints on every index of * Distubed sleep
* Insomnia symptom
* Latency
* Day time sleepiness
* Unrefreshed
A dose-effective relationship was observed by those who exercise more than .3 per week, than those who exercised 1-2 times per week. Weaknesses of all these studies
* Counfounding factors
* Numerous reasons why people oeverestimate the effects of exerics eon sleep * People think sleepiness is synomous with fatigue as they both occur at the end of the day but they are two alien concepts fatigue is a subjective lack of energy not cured by sleep, and sleepiness is drowsiness, alleviated by sleep. * Exercise is first activity that is given up when lack of time, thus when they exerciseless stresssleep better. So it is a alck of stress. * An external facot such as light.

Evidence inidicates that late exercise is not uncommon, America Poll, suggested that 4% of people exercise within 1 horu of sleep, and 11% in last few hours. Reccomendations however suggest that exercise within 4-6 hours, will impair sleep esp if it is vigours, whoever experimental studies do not...
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