Sleep and Infants

Topics: Sleep, Co-sleeping, Childhood Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Question 3
Infants and toddlers in Western cultures are expected to sleep alone and on a regular sleep schedule. Among the Asian’s, bedtimes vary and no infant sleeps alone. In your opinion, which approach is best for infants and toddlers, and why? As we know generally, infants and toddlers are the young children who are at the age of birth to 3 years old. Basically, these children needs a lot of sleep during these age. Neither in Western culture nor, the Asians, the children’s bedtime varies because we cannot fix a regular sleep schedule for them but maybe it differs in how they are expected to sleep. They might be expected to sleep alone, with their parents, siblings or the maid. In my opinion, I would say that Asian’s approach is the best for infants and toddlers because the attachment between the child and the parent would be stronger. There’s no parents who keeps away from their children during these age. Whenever the child needs the mother, she would be there. So, according to Asian’s, the bedtimes vary as I have stated above and no infants are allowed to sleep alone during these ages. It is known as co-sleeping where it is a parenting practice , ‘sharing sleep’ or having a ‘family bed’. As we know nowadays, not all the children are taken care by their parents during this age due to their work. Some of the children are sent to the day care, relations house, grandparents and so on. Definitely the environment would affect them in many ways. For an example, in the morning, the child is sent to the day care and in the evening, the parents bring them back home. There are two different environment is being involved. So, when these children are brought to the day care, they would be systematic in the way of sleeping, feeding, bathing, playing and so on. Later in the evening when the parents bring them back home, they are not controlled and left freely. Nothing is done systematically even during the weekends where they spend their whole two days with their...
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