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  • Published: June 10, 2013
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System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Done By
Sam Zalahi

Module Name
System Modeling

Miss Ruwandi Perera

Word Count

1. Acknowledgment

First of all, I’m grateful to the almighty God for establishing me to complete this assignment. And I’m thankful to my lecturer Miss Ruwandi Perera and my parent who helped and supports me at every time. Furthermore, I thank to ICBT to studies and get information and about to know System Modeling in a various ways

2. Table of Contents

2.Table of Contents3
3.Table of figures4
4.System Development Life Cycle5
5.Stage of SDLC6
4.1.Feasibility Study6
4.2.Requirement Gathering6
4.2.3.Document review8
4.2.4.Web visit8
4.3.System design9
5.Software development life cycle models15
5.1.Waterfall model15
5.1.1.Advantage of waterfall model16
5.1.2.Disadvantage of waterfall model16
5.1.3.When to use the waterfall model16
5.2.Incremental model17
5.2.1.Advantage of incremental model17
5.2.2.Disadvantage of incremental model18
5.2.3.When to use Incremental Model18
5.3.Prototyping model18
5.3.1.Advantages of Prototype model19
5.3.2.Disadvantage prototyping model19
5.3.3.When to use Prototype model:20
5.4.Spiral model20
5.4.1.Advantage of spiral model21
5.4.2.Disadvantage of spiral model21
5.5.V shaped model22
5.5.1.Advantage of v shaped model22
5.5.2.Disadvantage of v shaped model22

3. Table of figures

Figure 1SDLC5
Figure 2Formal review points in testing11
Figure 3 Waterfall model15
Figure 4 Incremental model17
Figure 5 Prototyping model19
Figure 6 Spiral model20
Figure 7 V shaped model22...
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