Slaves in the South/ Civil War

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Civil War, often times regarded as the most gruesome, and the most terrible war of all time. Why is the Civil War given so many names, one reason would be because it was a war against brothers. You would think that 9/11 and many other foreign attacks put a big mark in history, while they are tragic events, they were not as horrible as the Civil War. 9/11 managed to kill about 3,000 Americans while the Civil War managed to kill 600,000 solders. 4,800 Confederate and Union solders lay dead on the battlefield at Antietam Creek. All this still doesn't answer the question, what started the Civil War? Sure there was many reasons as to the Civil War starting, political issues, economic issues and social issues. The biggest reason as to why the brother war started was the social issue of slavery.

Slavery is what I believe caused the Civil War for many reasons. One reason why I think slavery was a major issue in the 1860s is because it divided the country into half free, and half slave. " A house divided against itself cannot stand [Doc F]." This quote from Abraham Lincoln shows how other people thought about the country, and slavery. Another reason why slavery caused the Civil War is because if the north kept its freedom and the south kept its slaves then the country is going to fall apart, not from the outside but from the inside.  " I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free [Doc F]." Another quote from Abraham Lincoln. There is no way that a country can stand half and half, it would be logical to think that someday one will take over the other. Since Abraham Lincoln was nominated to be President, South got unhappy, quick. South Carolina threatened to secede and many people led revolts against slavery. This is what sparked America to go to war.

The war ended in 1865 and slavery was finally abolished, but the price was high, Abraham Lincoln, a visionary president had been assassinated. The war's toll upon women, with...
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