Slavery, a Hotly Debated Issue Amongst the Founders

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  • Published : December 1, 2010
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George Washington, like many of the Founders, opposed slavery. He wrote, “There is not a man living who wishes more sincerely than I do, to see a plan adopted for the abolition of it.”* Why then was a plan on abolition not devised at the Philadelphia Convention? A plan on abolition of slavery was not devised at the Philadelphia Convention because both states never came to an agreement the south knew that if they agreed to abolish slavery and have it ratified in the constitution their economy would go into pieces because they depended heavily on the slaves to do most of their agricultural work on the southern plantations; the slaves helping cultivate their crops. If they lost the slaves and they’d have to pay all these wages to them like they do with the white laborers then they economy would collapse …Vs. The north states..they argued for hours on what they should do and they never came to an agreement however they did come to a compromise

What constitutional protection to slavery did the Constitution provide?

Although the constitution never mentioned the world slave or slavery they used ambiguous language as a cover up to keep from saying the actual word.

Slavery was a hotly debated issue for the Founders.
It was originally mentioned in Article One of the Constitution, where the "Three Fifths" Compromise was put into place. Delegates from the North wanted to count only free men when it came to determining the number of representatives a state gets. Delegates from the South, though, (where slavery was much more common) wanted to count the slaves as well, as this would give them more power in Congress. In order to keep everyone happy, they decided (poorly, by today's standards) that slaves would count as 3/5s of a person when determining representation. This was repealed by the 13th amendment. The Thirteenth Amendment officially abolished slavery.

They debated hours over whether or not they would abolish slavery in the constitution if so to how much...
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