Slavery in the Southern Colonies

Topics: Slavery, Caribbean, Plantation Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: April 18, 2013

Slavery has had a big impact on the southern colonies. Between 1607-1775 slavery evolved in the British North American colonies due to economic factors-such as the slave trade, the use of cash crops, and the plantation system- Geographic factors-such as climate, diseases, and the Caribbean connection- and social factors-such as racism, bacons rebellion, and the headright system.

Slavery definitely had some big economic factors influencing it. Slave trade was a big way of making money in the south. The triangle trade contributed to the slaves that were imported into the Americas. Since the south needed a lot of slaves, this was where most of them were sent, but when they didn’t need the slaves anymore, they started to sell them to many places all over the east coast. Cash crops such as tobacco and corn, which are easily grown crops that can be sold for a profit, were used very widespread throughout the south. John Rolfe was credited with bringing tobacco to the new world, and also ended up being one of the most profitable crops to be sold. Plantations were used to plant these cash crops throughout the south. It took a lot to keep up and care for these plantations and so this is where slaves come in handy. They worked on the fields for little or no pay at all which was great for the plantation owners because it would mean that they would make more money without having to give it up.

There were many geographic factors that affected the growth of slavery such as climate. The climate of the south is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The land was perfect for growing in the summer. The south had rich soil and plenty of rain to sustain the crops. Disease was a big factor because many of the slaves would catch diseases like small pox and malaria on the trip to the colonies, which meant that there was always a need for more slaves. They would also bring these diseases over to the colonies and infect other slaves that...
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