Slavery in the South: Servitude and Experiences as Slaves

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  • Published : April 7, 2011
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Afnan Almuhana
Professor Schillig
19 April 2010
Slavery in the South
During a sad part of the American history, when slavery was a major resource of living in the South, men and women sometimes endured servitude in similar ways. Nevertheless, both sexes had different experiences as slaves. Men and women were often assigned to complete different types of labor. Bear in mind that women had double responsibilities, since they worked for their masters and for their families. Moreover, each sex rebelled in different ways and had different strategies of resistance. White masters raped slave women, who lived in a continuous threat of sexual abuse. All slaves worked sun to sun in the fields, but managers gave men the more physically demanding work “Men usually shelled corn, threshed peas, and cut potatoes for planting and platted shucks. Grinding corn into meal or hominy was woman’s work; as were spinning, weaving, sewing, and washing.” And after the field work men had nothing to do but sleep to wake up next morning and go back to the plantation. But for slave woman, master and mistress expected her to be available whenever she is needed. Even after a long day of work in the fields, women were required to clean up the house complete all chores, spin, weave, and sew. Then they woke up next morning to wash and hang the clothes to dry, and certainly go back to the fields. A slave man did not have full authority as a father upon his family; he was not able to protect his wife from being raped or his mother from being whipped by white masters. He aslo could not afford enough food and clothes for his children. Therefore, slave men main responsibility was to obey master’s orders and get married to a slave woman to increase the population of black slaves. Unlike men, black women bear the greatest burden of everyday life responsibilities. Slaveholders were keen to have a huge population of slaves in their plantations, so they ensured that all young-female slaves...
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