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Topics: Slavery in the United States, Slavery, Industrial Revolution Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: February 12, 2013
During the years 1800-1860 was the institution of slavery, with all of its horrors, still in America's best interests? Hoang Dao
Mr. Cardoza
AP US History
6 January 2013
A Blessing in Disguise
The institution of slavery began fatefully along with the rise of America itself. Some say that slavery was what made America. It started during America’s colonial era and then progressed into the mid 1800s when civil opposition of it was at its peak. From its beginning day onward, the slavery institution would prove useful to America in that it provided the necessary labor force for America. It was specifically the start of the 19th c. into a decade of its latter half that the practice of slavery became more notable. The institution of slavery was beneficial for America in the sense that slavery was good for the slaves, slaves were better off than northern factory workers, and slavery was the key to national prosperity. Slave owners took the burden of caring for their slaves by accommodating the slave’s needs. Additionally, working as a slave was in ways better than enduring the unhealthy conditions of northern factories. Lastly, and most importantly was that slavery was essential to the economic prosperity of the U.S.

Slavery, in an individual sense, was rather beneficial for a slave. Knowing that slaves were inferior beings, their owners took care of them and gave the slaves a chance for survival (Doc. A). Slaves were fed, clothed, given religious instructions, and most importantly were allowed to survive at the cost of returning the favor by working. It was much better than wandering the streets looking for a job or food (Doc. A). Besides being clothed and given food, slaves were taught proper manners and were allowed to practice religious values. In return for all of this, they had to work for their masters. Not all of the works were on the fields however; some could be simple house chores and taking care of kids. It allowed for a trusting relationship between...
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