Slavery and Racism

Topics: Slavery, Race and Ethnicity, United States Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: June 5, 2011
I dont think that there really goods be any pros in racism. One of the best quotes is "don't let history repeat itself. Lets look at what racism has brought us. The holocaust, Slavery, The death of a great leader (MLK). Milliions of life lost in warfare. Americans killing themselves in the Civil war. And many more and even recent events. Think about Iraq we are over there becuase the two religions are fighting. And yes i do include religous fighting as a form of racism. I guess a pro would be the pilgrims coming to america to seek religous freedom and inhabiting this great country. But on the way they killed Indians and contracted the exact reason why they came over

I think in racism you are regarding one race as inferior to another (con) but yet you are uniting with one race therefore throwing yourself into its culture and traditon (semi-pro)


divides society
draws hatred
becomes a "joke"
causes murders
stunts progression
creates fear
etc. etc.etc

depending on the person, they might just stay away from certain races which becomes a positive thing because the further the racist person is, the better; it prevents drama. BUT, if the person is obnoxious and travels closely to someone in that race.. then thats a different story

So racism is a cultural reaction to science, but that's just the justification for it in this age. In reality, it has roots deep in human history, probably as far back as slavery in agriculture, in ancient Egypt, perhaps before. It's simply easy to get rich doing nothing if you have people working for you without pay other than room & board.

The pros of racism?

- Community spirit
- Pride in culture
- Keeps indigenous people in power in their own country (pro for them)

That is all I can think of off the cuff, although all can be achieved other ways. They are all just pro to the people who are racist and not to the population at large. There are many many cons which I shall not bother...
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