Slavery and Life Rufus Lead

Topics: Slavery, Interpersonal relationship, Family Pages: 1 (441 words) Published: March 19, 2009
Relationships are a bitter and sweet part of life, sometimes they are even a little of both. There is an individual and unique relationship to go with everyone you know, whether you see this person everyday on a routine walk or if it’s your husband of fifteen years. You share something with that person that can’t be shared with anyone else, your own special relationship. In Kindred, Dana finds herself in one of the most complicated relationships of her life. She finds unconditional love for a slave owner from 1800 who happens to be a very distant grandfather. Understandably family ties have a powerful meaning but the friendship and loyalty Dana found in the slave family on the plantation had a stronger impact on her. We are all born into families but sometimes we choose our own. Being the time it was, Dana understood the role she had to play and the life Rufus lead on the plantation. She knew she was no longer equal but put aside any hard feelings toward Rufus’ ignorance and decided to stand by his side with care. Rufus and Dana’s relationship develops more and more over time but starts to go a little sour as Rufus grows up to be the same person his father was. Relationships grow, change, and rarely stay exactly the same. People grow close or sometimes drift apart, usually for a reason. In life we do terrible things to hurt people while at the same time do nice things never to be forgotten. It is our choice to hold grudges and our choice to find forgiveness.

When Dana was sent to Rufus for the first time he was just a young boy. Of course Dana was beyond confused with a thousand unanswered questions. After being sent to Rufus again, she found out who he was and why she was sent there. Over and over his life fell into her hands. During Rufus’ childhood, while he was still innocent and kind, he took a liking to Dana and found her comforting. He trusted her; he knew she was always there to save him. As time progressed in 1800, Dana...
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