Slavery and Dominate Labor System.over

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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In latin America and the Caribbean mita, slavery, and wage labor were evident as labor systems in 1750, but by 1914 wage labor became a dominate labor system.Over time, Latin America’s labor system went from slavery to indentured servitude. As a result of European conquest and colonization there was a dramatic shift in African labor from agriculture, trade, bronzing and certain specialized crafts to mine labor and felling forests. There were also certain things that remained the same, like the use of slave labor, though the magnitude of the severity and amount drastically increased.

However, in 1750-1914 Mita had been implemented by European imperialistic nations such as spain. Mita imposed a forced labor system on the native people in Latin America. People worked for a minute wage in public and government projects as a form of tax and service to the government. Slavery was based on using the enforced labor of other people . In the 1750 slavery was prevailing. The Atlantic slave trade predominated in economic affairs after the middle of the 17th century and promoted more slave movements. The forced removal of Africans had a major effect in some African regions and was a primary factor contributing to the nature of New World populations. The slave trade expanded to meet the demand for labor in the new American colonies, and millions were exported in an organized commerce that involved Europeans and Africans. Europeans sought a labor source in Africa to supply their slavery. Slavery began to rise above Mita as the Indian pop decreased or gradually moved away from communities to avoid the obligation for work wage labor was used minutely by foreigners hiring foreigners in government positions and more. Slavery was abolished and was replaced by the system of indentured servitude. The reason for this was because slavery was abolished, a new labor system was needed to replace slavery. Indentured servants were treated better than slaves.The reason for this was the...
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