Slave Diary

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Wednesday, January 5, 1763

Master Jameson is keeping me locked in this dreadful little room on the top floor of his mansion to make sure I do not run away. It is hot and dusty, cluttered with old clothing, toys and furniture. And all there is to sleep on is a soiled and tattered pallet made of pieces of clothe. I have never slept on the floor in my life! I slept in my own bed in a small cove near my parents, but then again my parents are gone and have been sold off. I have made friends with Master Jameson’s nine-year old daughter, Marie Ann, but I call her Daisy because of her golden head of hair. I have always called her that, and she has always called me Flora, which is nothing close to my actual name, Sarah. I don’t mind it at all because I have really taken a liking to her.

Daisy was forbidden to come visit me after her father found out we have become friends. He did not want his daughter associating with a slave girl, as I am one. And of course, Daisy ignored her father’s warnings, and I was glad for her to do so. I asked her “Am I really going to be sold”, and she replied “Hush, hush Flora, don’t worry everything is going to be fine, I’ll talk to my father and ask for you not to be sold”. I felt somewhat relieved but at the mind of my mind because I was so frightened that I could actually be sold into slavery. I could not imagine what that would be like. I am only a little girl and not ready for the conditions to come. I heard stories of slaves being beaten just because they looked at their master wrong or the mere fact they were a slave. My life is already difficult being a servant so being sold into slavery will be much I believe. I miss my parents and baby sister terribly, I cry myself to self every night wondering if they too were thinking about me and my whereabouts. I am not meant for this lifestyle. Most of my family has been sold into slavery as I have been. It’s not right for people to own on another but I guess Master Jameson sees otherwise....
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