Slave Dancer Quiz: the Spainard

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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Slave Dancer Quiz
The Spaniard:
Cockfights are outlawed in Massachusetts.
The beginning of the chapter; 8 slaves dead= 5 men, 1 women, and 2 children. •Slaves nearer death than the crew even though they eat healthier food, and more. •Stout assumed the duties of Mate.

Ben Stout increased their misery.
Lost at Sea: Everyone lost literally and mentally; No hope of getting back. •“Stay way from the holds, lad,” Stout.
Stout, “I am concerned about the crew.” “I want them in good spirits.” •“Hatred poisons the soul,” Stout, “It’s an incredible ailment.” •“I have been nothing but good to you… I don’t understand your ingratitude. •“I HATE THIS SHIP,” Jessie.

Purvis’s explanation for why Stout is so cruel and everyone wants to kill him: He’s not alive; There is one of him on every ship haunting the crew; THE DEVIL! •Whenever Jessie sees a sail on the horizon he would pretend it was the British cruiser coming to free the slaves and the take everyone else to England where Stout would be hanged and Purvis and Jessie sent to Boston. •Jessie’s pipe was put in the holds; Ras and some other slaves return it to him after Stout pushes him into the holds. •Purvis shows Jessie cats cradle and the game reminds him of when he used to play it with Betty. •Three weeks left to the voyage; Northeast trades.

“I won’t let him beat you,” said Purvis to Jessie about Stout. •“He sups on the fear he rouses up,” said Purvis referring to Stout. •Everyone on the ship has gone mad; drinking
3 animals Jessie sees off the side of the ship: Shark, Seagull, and Flying fish. The flying fish reminded him of the flying fish in his mothers sewing box. •Jessie’s job is to clean the latrines (Slave bathrooms.) •30 dead

As they were brought out of the holds the slaves showed no surprise. •American Ship demanding to search the Moonlight would have to go through the Spanish Government because the Captain would have them raise the Spanish Flag. •British Ship...
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