Slaughterhouse: Five Symbolism

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Spoon is used as a verb, a noun and was mention more than several times throughout chapters six through eight. In a war novel when people are slaughtered on a daily basis the frequent usage of spoon seemed a bit out of syntax unless Vonnegut was trying to point out or emphasis through usage of the word spoon.

In chapter six, the American soldiers was spooning each other for warmth. This passage made the American soldiers seemed vulnerable and humane. It has given them a more feminine twist to their characteristic while as in contrast to men in war are seemed to be more aggressive more manly. Thus through utilizing the use of spoon Vonnegut has successfully created contrast between what wars is really is and the stereotypical image of war in people’s minds.

In chapter seven the American soldiers were transported to Dresden and had to work in a malt syrup factory. In the factory spoons were hidden in the different corners, a spoon was used to scoop up the heavenly syrup and a spoon was thrown out of the window as it landed on the gardener’s head.

In chapter eight the spoon was also mentioned again during Campbell’s arrival in the following: the malt syrup it spooned at the factory contained only a few vitamins and minerals every earthling needs. During Campbell’s visit he was trying to persuade American soldiers to join the Nazis’ crusade to fight against the Russians and as a persuasion technique Campbell used food such as steak to lure them in joining. Hence Vonnegut once again shows contrast between the malt syrup scooped via spoon and the evil steak that Campbell used as a persuasion technique.

Thus the following chapter shows
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