Slaughterhouse Five Reflection

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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ENG 255L-114
29 April 2011

Slaughterhouse Five Final Reflection

Since reading Slaughterhouse Five, the reoccurring theme has been the idea of war. I believe that this theme has lead to show us how critical and really how destructive war can be. Although in some aspects Billy Pilgrim is able to recover from war, I still feel that it disheartened him a lot. I believe the stress and post trauma really seems to take a toll on him. I get this idea based on events and experiences that he had to face. I have had family member who have been soldiers and have had the traumatic experience of dealing with post war. One particular aspect I enjoyed was the fact that Vonnegut uses a narrator in his voice to tell part of the story. I think that this really helped readers to understand and get an idea of what the characters might be facing. I think that it also gives the reader a chance to see things in an aspect in where the characters can observe and tell there through each other. I found it hard at times to enjoy Slaughterhouse Five because I could not necessarily relate to the setting and situation. I understood the story but did not find it enjoyable because of the subject matter. I find war to be very depressing and sad. It was hard for me to deal with the subject because I have had tragic deaths in my family in regards to war. The subject always makes me a little uneasy. Despite this, I found that the book told a very detailed and heartfelt story.
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