Slang Definition of Chill

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The Many Meanings of Chill
Have you ever kept your drinks cold in a cooler or kept food in your refrigerator? or Have your parents every asked you to get a cooler out and fill it with ice to keep drinks cold? Whenever you chill something, you are preserving the item by cooling it to a temperature just above freezing. The word chill describes a sensation of cold accompanied by shivering and also describes a disagreeable sensation of coldness. There are many different meanings of this word, but their are also many modern slang terms of it. The Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word chill means “to grow or become cold or chill often rapidly and to shiver and quake with cold in taken with emotional seizure.”

One slang definition of chill is to relax. Once your all active and hyped up, you start losing energy wanting to calm down and relax. When you are at peace, you are not panicking and not all over the place. In a relaxed mood, you are slowing down and taking everything easy. Nothing's on your mind and you just do not feel like doing anything. An everyday instance of when people are chilling is usually when someone is listening to music or watching the tv on the couch. The word chill also means “to decrease in intensity and to become less tense.”

Another slang meaning of the word chill is to be scared. Many times when you walk into a haunted house, there may be a chance where a monster may come out to shock and surprise you and give chills. You emotional experience a terrifying scare and sometimes have physical chills running down your spine and through your skin.

One of the most commonly used slang definitions of the word chill means to hang out. When you go hang out, you usually go eat or have fun by going out to the movies, go ice skating, go bowling, or really anything that brings entertainment and enjoyment with your friends and family. The perfect mental picture of chilling and hanging out in the modern world today is when a group of...
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