Slang as a Barrier

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  • Published : April 5, 2008
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Informal English is a Barrier

Informal English is a barrier … curse, words, slang etc.. have kept many students from becoming college writers. I am against the use of informal English at all levels of learning systems. It should particularly be discouraged at the very initial stages of learning to avert the disaster of having children hooked to informal language which will sabotage their ability to becoming college professional writers at a later age when in college. When students are so much used to using the slang language verbally, it automatically affects their expression in written there one can not cheat him/herself that he/she uses the informal language just verbally. What should be done therefore is to be avoided completely by enlightening children/students of their harm it can cause to their future academic ambitions and qualifications. A good example is when a student desires to join a college or a certain university, more often than not, English is a subject that determines whether one can be qualified or not and whereas a student may have scored a very high mean grade in other subjects, he/she may have to repeat the English paper in some way. The use of informal English at most is when students do not want to go the long way of writing/pronouncing words in full hence in short and in certain way which when written it is totally incorrect and far away from formal English. This therefore leaves a lot of responsibility with all the custodians with a very big challenge in ensuring that children are not allowed to settle on the informal English at their early childhood. Among the stake holders are parents/guardians, teachers and even the social surroundings and as the saying goes “you can not teach an old dog new tricks” it is very difficult to get students at college level stop the use of informal English at once to adopt formal English. In the long run, the use of informal English becomes can become costly to the students academically and perhaps...
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