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Slang Language and Verbal Communication


Date: 20120426

Slang can be referred to as informal, non-standard phrases or words, which have their origins in subcultures within our society. Slang requires that the individual using the phrases is recognizable with the involved subgroup. It can be used as a differentiating aspect of the group recognition. These expressions often embody values and attitudes of group members. For a phrase to become slang, it should be widely adopted and accepted by members of a group or a subculture. It is a communication language with no limitations or societal boundaries since it can be identified in all the society classes and cultures and in all languages (Verderber, Verderber & Sellnow, 2011).

The expressions of slang are created in the same way as the standard speech. Expressions can take forms such as similes, metaphors and various aspects of speech. Phrases used may be new coinages and the existing words me acquire new meanings. Words with narrow meanings may become generalized or even abbreviated. Slang is therefore, a way of changing languages or renewing languages. An expression must be effectively identified by the group using it for it to survive. It is vital for its humor, liveliness, brevity, exaggeration, novelty and emphasis. It is faddish and ephemeral however; certain words develop for long terms and end up forming a part of the standard language. Slang substitutes a colorful image of the average language hence it is viewed as being metaphorical (Kelly & McGowen, 2010).

Why people use slang

Slang has been in subsistence for a long time however the question as to why this communication language develops within another language has always been debated. This question is still unanswered. We can explain its existence through the analysis of why and how it exists. A widespread source for the improvement of...
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