Slam Based Wireless Security System

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Stereo localizing and mapping based wireless security system Prof. Navin Srivastava (Department of Electronics Engg.) Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering, Pune Email Surya Prateek Soni (Department of Electronics Engg.) Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering, Pune Email id-suryaprateeksoni@gmail.comSiddharth Grover (Department of Electronics Engg.) Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering, Pune Email Parteek Mehta (Department of Electronics Engg.) Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering, Pune Email id-

ABSTRACT In this paper we plan to undertake a multidisciplinary research project which basically focuses on the fields of wireless controlled communication, embedded software technologies and automation each playing a vital role in their own kind. The project is titled “Stereo Localizing and Mapping based Wireless Security System” basically comprises of a well equipped land vehicle installed with a two ray night vision camera, 3D sonar sensors, RF transmitter and receiver, infrared sensors(for directional purposes), ARM processor chip, control signal modules, power supply control module, GUI interface and DC motors. The land vehicle will act as the destination station, In addition to this there will be a flexible base station with an authentic security key provided to fully access the land vehicle. The land vehicle will have the ability to create a mind map of the terrain in which it is functioning and its movement accordingly will be judged on basis of SLAM (Stereo localizing and mapping) algorithm. The SLAM algorithm will be implemented by the application sciences of 3D sonar sensors. Keywords:-GUI(Graphical User interface),SLAM(Stereo\Simultaneous localizing and mapping, RF(Radio frequency),3D(Three dimension), DC(Direct current) I. INTRODUCTION This paper work comprises of three essential technologies i.e. wireless systems, embedded software technologies and automation techniques. The wireless communication is used to establish a communication protocol between the base station i.e. laptop, any cellular based system etc. using the essential transmitters, receivers and modulation techniques. The embedded system technology i.e. ARM processor[2] and embedded C programming is used to program the land vehicle. The programming implemented on the land vehicle is to cause its multi directional roles, turning and rotational movements about its central axis[1]. The automation process[5,8] is used to frame the designated logic for the movement of the land vehicle in a particular terrain. The SLAM algorithm technology[2] is also used in combination with the three technologies mentioned above which causes the formation of the rough map or mind map of terrain to a high certainty and also accomplishes efficient locating of desired coordinates and obstacles. The embedded ‘C’ and ARM processor programming basically includes the application of digital data responsible for the operation of the land vehicle. There is an involvement of separate methodology for detecting the lateral and angular views. Many factors such as the object orientation, horizontal and vertical bearing angles, corners, edges and point edges localization are considered by this algorithm. This algorithm is valid both for 2D and 3D views

which makes its operation flexible and a much easier approach for implementing it.

Fig 1- An overview of the system structure The paper comprises of the following sections i.e. [II] The SLAM Algorithm that explains the concept of the algorithm. Its implementation in the automated and wireless behaviour of the land vehicle and the solution for the defined problem are explained in section [III]. The results are explained in section [IV]. The conclusion of the paper is given in section [V]. II. THE SLAM ALGORITHM SLAM stands for Stereo or Simultaneous Localizing and Mapping .The...
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