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A marketing plan is a business document written for the purpose of describing the current market position of a business and its marketing strategy for the period covered by the marketing plan. Marketing plans usually have a life of from one to five years. The purpose of creating a marketing plan is to clearly show what steps will be undertaken to achieve the business' marketing objectives. A marketing plan really should be the reference point we can make use of as a foundation to implement the marketing strategy. It must set out clear objectives and explains how we can achieve them. That means it needs to be smart. In other words it needs to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. The objective of this marketing plan is to develop a new product.

About the Product
Coconut is one of the important nut crops in Bangladesh. It is mostly grown in the southern part of the country. The liquid endosperm inside a young coconut is known as coconut water. It is fat free and low in calories. Sodium, potassium, phosphorus, chloride and magnesium are the main minerals found in coconut water, besides vitamin C and sugars. Coconut water presents anti carcinogenic properties and can be used as dehydrating solution administrated in oral and intravenous form, the later in case of severe dehydration. It has a great demand especially during the hot season. It is very effective especially for diarrhea attacked people and excellent tonic for old and sick. The processed green coconut water increased the availability of coconut water and the producers sell it at reasonable price. The watery liquid found inside a coconut, consumed as a beverage. Coconut water is traditionally consumed as a refreshing beverage. Coconut water is mainly consumed directly from the fruit itself. The drinking process is completely natural and the water cannot be drunk later unless anyone preserves it. Marketing is managing profitable customer relationship with solving their requirements. Finding it an important need for Bangladeshi customers, we have decided to develop our marketing plan on Coconut Water. We are going to launch the coconut water with the official name of “DAAB”. Daab is the Bengali form of Coconut in this country.


Vision Statement
Our vision is to be the market leader with coconut originated products assuring quality as the top most priority.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to serve Coconut Water (Daab’ er Pani) to the customers specially youth seeking for quality drink with reasonable cost.


We will launch the products with the basic slogan “Naturally Refreshing”


Core Features & Benefits
● Coconut water is a liquid naturally present in the center of a young coconut ● Coconut water is clear and fat free unlike the creamier milk made from older coconuts ● It comes from a single source and has a refreshing and consistent flavor ● Five essential electrolytes - sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, making it more Isotonic, with less carbs and calories than a typical soft drink ● Natural isotonic beverage with the same level of electrolytic balance present in human blood ● A natural sports drink which re-hydrates and replenishes after a workout ● More potassium than any other soft drink ● Low acidity ● No fat ● No cholesterol ● Has a very sweet and refreshing taste, best served cold ● Boosts immune system naturally ● Contains chemicals that counter fatigue ● Increases metabolism and weight loss ● Aids in circulation ● Detoxifies and fights viruses ● Fights against stress ● Balances body pH ● Naturally Hydrates ● Clears complexion ● Hangover cure


Industry Analysis
After independence the food habit of Bangladeshi people has been changed a lot. Besides our traditional food consumer of Bangladesh like to take western food also after 1980s. As a result of global marketing this was not too hard for the consumers. Different foreign food companies were established in...
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