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Housekeeping manual
Designing and managing the operation


Sammie van Oort


Table of contents

Chapter 1, Operations management3

Chapter 2, The strategic role and objectives of operations6

Chapter 3, Operations strategy8

Chapter 4, Process design10

Chapter 5, The design of products and services13

Chapter 6, Supply network design15

Chapter 7, Layout and flow17

Chapter 8, process technology18

Chapter 9, job design and work organization19

Chapter 10, The nature and planning of control20

Chapter 11, Capacity planning and control22

Chapter 12, Inventory planning and control23

Chapter 13, Supply chain planning and control24

Chapter 14, enterprise resource planning (ERP)26

Chapter 15, Lean operations and JIT27

Chapter 16, project planning and control29

Chapter 17 quality planning and control30

Chapter 18, operations improvement31

Chapter 19, Failure prevention and recovery33

Chapter 20, matching improvement, the TQM approach35

Chapter 1, Operations management

Operations management is the activity of managing the resources which are devoted to the production and delivery of products and services. The operations functions is the part of the organization that is responsible for this activity. Operations managers are the people who have particular responsibility for managing some, or all, of the resources which comprise the operations function. The operations manager can also be called administrative manager or store manager, depended on what kind of company it is.

The three core functions of any organization are”
• The marketing(incl. sales) function >> responsible for communicating the organizations products/services to it markets >> generate customer request. • The product/service development function >> responsible for creating new and modified products and services >> to generate future customers requests for service. • The operations function >> responsible for fulfilling customer requests for service throughout the production and delivery of products and services.

Support functions:
• The accounting and finance function >> provides information for making economic decisions. • The human resource function

Working effectively with the other parts of the organization is one of the most important responsibilities of operations management

Operations management responsibility to support functions is primarily to make sure that they understand operations needs and help them to satisfy these needs.

|Core functional activities |Fast food chain | |Marketing and Sales |Advertisement on TV | | |Devise promotional materials | |Product/service development |Design hamburgers/pizzas etc. | |Operations |Make burgers/pizzas etc. | | |Serve customers | | |Clear away | | |Maintain equipment |

Operations management in smaller organizations
Large companies may have the resources to dedicate individuals to specialized tasks but smaller companies often cannot, so people may have to do different jobs as the needs arises. Advantage >> in smaller organizations people want to contribute...
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