Skyy Vodka

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Y Katie Beyer
Professor Bush
English 1010
28 February 2012
Living the SKYY Life
SKYY Vodka was founded in 1992; it began as a small “startup” business but overnight grew like a wild fire into one of the most innovated beverage company in the country. Maurice Kanbar, the inventor, envisioned his product to be a “game changer” in the beverage industry. He did this by creating a drink that not only had a futuristic look but also a crisp, yet smooth, taste. SKYY has been mentioned by The San Francisco Examiner, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal, ultimately resulting in the nationwide spread of the company’s product. The news articles describe SKYY as being a brand of style, quality, and innovation. SKYY sets itself apart, from other brands, by developing prestigious products with passion and compassion. SKYY revolutionized the vodka industry by creating a cutting edge product combined with intoxicating ads.

Imagine you are a bachelor taking a casual flight in your personal private jet. Flying alone is out of the question, so you bring two very attractive women with you. The scene screams money and sex! The women are draped with diamonds; everything that could sparkle is sparkling. You and the women are dressed loosely, your chest is exposed and their long luscious legs seem to never end. You can tell that they are fighting every urge to keep their hands off you. The drinks are elegant, crisp, and well-refined. This is living the SKYY life.

Most SKYY ads are extremely seductive and this one is no exception. This ad is the definition of seductive. The reason the advertisement is so successful is because it relates to both genders as well as different races. For women, they love to see a man with money, as well as the subtle unbuttoned shirt. For men, nothing is more seductive then skin and there is a whole lot of skin shown between the two women. The imagery displayed by the women’s legs being intertwined in each other will set men off. This kind of...
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