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Using Console Commands
Hit Tilde [`] to bring down the developer console. Then just enter the codes listed below to activate. Some cheats can cause bugs, crashes, or problems with the game code. Make sure to save your game before you experiment with cheats. Achievements are also disabled once cheats are activated. Don’t forget to shut off the AUTOSAVE feature if you’re worried about overwriting a previous clean save. Player Item Console Command

Player.additem ITEM “###” 
Gives items depending on what Item Code is input. Type in the item name under “ITEM” and the amount of items you want under “###”. Player.addperk “###”
The same as the command above, use this command to add perks in the code list below. Item Codes
000153CE ConjurationDualCasting
000153CF DestructionDualCasting
000153D0 IllusionDualCasting
000153D1 RestorationDualCasting
000153D2 Impact
0001711C DBWellFitted
0001711E TGWellFitted
00018E6A LightFingers20
00018E6B LightFingers40
00018E6C LightFingers60
00018E6D LightFingersSO
0001BAC9 doomSteedEncumberPerk
0002BA1D PlayerWerewolfFeed
0003AF81 SavageStrike
0003AF83 DeepWounds30
0003AF84 Skullcrusher30
0003AF9E Sweep
0003AFA6 Paralyzing Strike
0003AFA7 Warm aster
0003FFFA HackAndSlash30
00051B12 HuntersDiscipline
00051B17 MatchingSet
00051B1A RangeOf Movement
00051B1B CustomFit
00051B1C Unhindered
0005218E ArcaneBlacksmith
00052190 DragonArmor
00052D50 FightingStance
00052D51 ChampionsStance
00052D52 Devastating Blow
00053128 MagicResistance30
00053129 MagicResistance50
0005312A MagicResistance70
000581DD Necromancy
000581DE DarkSouls
000581E1 Animage
000581E2 KindredMage
000581E4 Necromage
000581E7 AugmentedFlames
000581E8 TestFireMage
000581E9 FireMastery
000581EA AugmentedFrost
000581EB TestFrostMage
000581EC FrostMastery
000581ED TestLightningMage
000581EE Storm Mastery
000581F4 Recovery30
000581F5 Recovery50
000581F7 atronach
000581F8 Regeneration
000581F9 Respite
000581FC Stability
000581FD QuietCasting
00058200 AugmentedShock
00058201 Misdirection
00058202 NightThief
00058204 Cutpurse
00058205 PerfectTouch
00058208 Locksmith
00058209 Unbreakable
0005820A GoldenTouch
0005820C LightFoot
00058210 Backstab
00058211 AssassinsBlade
00058213 Muffled Movement
00058214 ShadowWarrior
00058215 Physician
00058216 Benefactor
00058217 Poisoner
00058218 Experimenter50
00058219 Im proved Rem edy
0005821A Im proved Virulity
0005821B Catalyst
0005821D Purity
00058F61 EagleEye30
00058F62 PowerShot
00058F63 Ranger
00058F64 Bullseye
00058F66 DisarmingBash
00058F67 PowerBashPerk
00058F68 DeflectArrows
00058F69 Elemental Protection
00058F6A ShieldCharge
00058F6C To werOf Strength
00058F6D Conditioning
00058F6E FistsOf Steel
00058F6F WellFitted
00058F72 Bribery
00058F75 Allure
00058F78 SilverTongue
00058F79 fence
00058F7A Merchant
00058F7B Investor
00058F7C SoulSqueezer
00058F7D CorpusEnchanter
00058F7E InsightfulEnchanter
00058F7F Extra Effect
00058F80 FireEnchanter
00058F81 FrostEnchanter
00058F82 StormEnchanter
00059B76 MasterOfTheMind
00059B77 HypnoticGaze
00059B78 AspectOfTerror
0005CEBE MQlOlReduceDamage
0005CEC0 MQlOlReduceAttackDamage
0005F56F Bladesman30
0005F592 BoneBreaker30
0005F594 DeadlyBash
000640B3 MysticBinding
00068BCC wardAbsorb
0006BC37 MGEnthirVendorPerk
000727FB TOlDi bell a Reward
00079342 Armsman40
00079343 Armsman20
00079344 Armsman60
00079345 Armsman80
00079346 Barbarian20
00079347 Barbarian40
00079348 Barbarian60
00079349 Barbarian80
0007934A Overdraw20
0007934B Overdraw40
0007934D Overdraw60
00079354 OverdrawSO
00079355 ShieldWall20
00079356 ShieldWall40
00079357 ShieldWall60
00079358 ShieldWall80
0007935E Juggernaut20
00079361 Juggernaut40
00079362 Juggernaut60
00079374 Juggernaut80
00079376 AgileDefender20
00079389 AgileDefender40
00079391 AgileDefender60
00079392 AgileDefender80
00079AF5 DA04 B1 ood H a rvestP erk
00096590 Extra...
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