Topics: Kenneth Oppel, HarperCollins Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Brady Larsen
October 26, 2010
8th period
Kenneth Oppel
Jan 2007
Harper Collins
560 pages

1. Matt Cruse- is a former cabin boy who is adventurous and daring. 2. John Rath- a pirate who wants to steal Grunel's treasure. He also wants to kill Matt Cruse. 3. Matt Cruse triumphs. He is the one who finds all the money at the end. 4. They are all in a skybreaker in high altitudes trying to find a ship. It enhances the plot because that's what the book is about. 5. The mood of the book is adventurous. It makes you want to know what is going to happen next. 6. There are two expeditions on a quest to find the Hyperion, which is known to be full of riches. They come upon an Aerozoan, which is a squid like animal with a Hydrium sac. The Aerozoan kills a man by its electric tentacles. They also come in contact with their arch enemy John Rath. The climax is when they find the money at the end. 7. My favorite character is probably Matt. I enjoy his enthusiasm and adventurous behavior. 8. The theme in the book is that no money or valued items is worth risking your life for. 9. I recommend this book for others to read because it is a very exciting book. Every page I had the curiosity of what was going to happen next. 10. I'm not exactly sure which page my favorite part in the book is on. I liked the part where they are on the Hyperion in general. The whole ancient legend of the Hyperion is very exciting to me. The Hydrium-making machine is pretty interesting also.
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