Sky Scraper Poem Analysis

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Maryam Mr. Zavaglia ENG4U1-05 July 8, 2012

“Sky Scraper” a poem or just a song?

What exactly identifies a poem? How can we classify a song as a poem and another not? There is debate over how a poem should be defined, but there is absolutely no doubt about its ability to set a mood. In general, poetry is art by means of words, an arrangement of words containing meaning and musicality. A poem is identifiable by its literary and musical elements such as its poetic devices. Another characteristic of a poem is its ability to say much in few words with the use of symbolism. Most poems are a series of lines separated into groups called stanzas. However, a poem can be rhyming or non-rhyming; it can contain full sentences or just fragments. The song “Sky Scraper” performed by Demi Lovato is an influential song that speaks of staying strong and believing in yourself. A skyscraper is a tall building which needs to be strong in order to endure; therefore the unique name of this song is used as a metaphor for rising above struggles and obstacles in life and succeeding despite heartbreak and turmoil. The song “sky Scraper” can also be classified as a poem due to the many poetic devices it has, such as Imagery, symbolism and Anaphora. The songwriter is successfully able to set a mood and portray a great deal of meaning by effectively using the poetic devices which cause the readers to relate and connect with the song. The first point which supports classifying “Sky Scraper” as a poem, states the great use of imagery...
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