Skoda Case Study

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  • Published: November 11, 2012
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Executive summary:2
Company Analysis:2
Market Situational Analysis:3
Threats and the COMPETITION :5
Implementation and control:6
Market mix strategies:6
Evaluation and Control7
Financial Reviews:8
Consolidated Balance sheet (CZK million)8
Sales /Financial Projection Based on the facts of Past years8

Executive summary:
To develop the market strength and improve its performance in the competitive car market, Skoda’s UK management decided to assess its brand positioning. Brand positioning was in terms of establishing a dynamic image for the brand compared to strong competitors in the world car market. Skoda achieved sharp market research and obtained the data from internal and external strategic audits. This was the leading factor for Skoda to take new opportunities and quick and effective respond to threats. Volkswagen simultaneously acquired co-ownership rights of the distinctive Skoda winged arrow logo, which had been the property of Skoda Plzen engineering company since the end of world war 2. After getting such a strenghful combination with Volkswagen, Skoda restarted its market brandin by having a strong market Campaign, and dispite of being a joke among the customers skoda manages to win customers hearts by entering into the market with Fabia. And a slogan “Full of Love stuff”. Thrughout the case, Skoda managed to overcome the hard years of the business life, And continuously, handled new marketing approaches with extra ordinary advertisements and people awareness. Company Analysis:

Skoda is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. Looking depth into the glimpses of Skoda’s history we can elaborate that Skoda was basically the product of the hardwork and the inventions done by two keen cyclists, Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav...
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