Skoal Ad: Rhetorical Analysis of an Advertisement

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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Skoal AD Rhetorical analysis

The ad being analyzed is an ad for the Skoal brand versus cigarette smoking. This ad depicts a younger female playing pool in a bar. It is mainly pointed towards younger males. By telling young men by dipping “Skoal”, their sex life will be improved, because they will be inside with the girl instead of outside smoking a cigarette by themselves. This ad is effective due to the target audience and their increased hormones around that age.

“Skoal” is trying to the brand that is producing the ad. They are trying to convince young men that if they dip skoal, they will have a better sex life. By saying; “Dipping vs Smoking. Dipping. Why? Better for my sex life. What do you mean? While some are outside smoking, I’m inside working.” Skoal helps their selves by placing an attractive female on a pool table and a man in the background dipping watching her. This leads young men to believe if they dip they will achieve a sex life or have a better sex life. They are saying this to lead more men towards their brand, and sell more of their products.

The credibility of the author is very low. The credibility of saying if you dip your sex life will increase is not true. There are few women who want a guy who dips. Therefor making the assumption that dipping will increase your sex life is very misleading.

The emotional appeal of this ad is very high. When young men see the woman in the ad on the pool table it makes their hormones go crazy. At the age targeted young men will do anything to get sex. The Skoal advertisers know that men’s hormones are raging at this age and they want to make their sales go up by targeting the right audience.

The logic of this ad is clear. They say if you dip Skoal it will increase your sex life. it is saying rather than being outside smoking a cigarette stay inside and pick up more women.
This ad is effective due to the target audience and their increased hormones around that age. The Skoal brand is...
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