Skipping School

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Envision waking up one morning and deciding that you didn’t want to go to school that day. Sounds like the easier thing to do. Well not going to school may not be as worthwhile as you think. There are many repercussions to skipping school. However if you do choose to abstain from school there may also be some advantages. If you skip school you might miss important information, and you’ll have to make up all of your missed work eventually, however you do get to enjoy a nice holiday from all the strain of schoolwork.

If you choose to skip school you may believe that you can just make up all of your missed work another day. But what happens if there is something that your teacher forgets to tell you about what you learned that day. What if that little piece of information that he/she fails to tell you is part of your next test? If you don’t go to class there’s a conceivable chance that you could be confused on a topic, and not get a chance to ask questions. That could lead to you being completely confused during the next lesson. In return you may fall behind in the course.

Most people who skip school do it in order to get out of doing their work. When in all actuality skipping school will only enlarge your workload. By skipping a class you are missing the information that was taught that day, which means you will most likely have to learn that lesson by teaching yourself the class the next day. Along with learning the information you will have to do the papers that were assigned and the homework. Not only will you have to do all of that work but you will also have to do the work you get on the day of your return to school. The following day will consist of completing a massive amount of work.
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