Skin and Hair Follicle

Topics: Skin, Bacteria, Hair Pages: 4 (882 words) Published: August 14, 2012
State Board Practice Examination Question And Answer
1.Chemicaally joining two or more atoms forms a
2.A fuluncle is a localized bacterial infection that produces constant pain of hair Hair follicle
3.Two halves of a styles form a mirror image of one another Symmetical balance
4.Coarse, medium, or fine is classified as
Hair texture
5.Hair and nails are an appendage of the skin and are part of what body system Integumenaty system
6.Round shaped pathogenic bacteria that appear singly
7.The skin that lies beneath the free edge of the nail plate Hyponychium
8.What is the study of small living things, microorganisms
9.In basic massage, practitioner should avoid
Drain lymph technique
10.Which muscle do you use the most to move hand and fingers Forearms
11.A 90 degree angle haircut will give client
12.To offset a long neck in hair shapping it advisable
Leave the hair full at the neck
13.To have a complete full curl, need to roll the rod at least 2 and half rounds
14.To minimize wide set eyes and make them look closer
Extend the eyebrow line inside the corner of the eyes
15.What is the ingredient in permanent wave
Ammonium thioglycolate
16.Practitioner should wear what type of shoes to avoid hurting Low heels shoes
17.It is best to give treatment before
18.Lipstick should applied with
Cotton pledged
19.Temporarily hair removing
20.When tweezing eyebrow, it should be
Fast and follow it grown direction
21.There is a dark area on hair that has been prelighten
Lighten the dark area only
22.The guidelines and controls for infection published by the cemter for disease Universal precaution
23.What color neutralize red
24.Which pattern should use in pin curl to avoid split facial hairline Triangle
25.Which skin layer has blood vessels
26.Which bacteria is known as non-pathogenic
27.All disinfectant must be approved by
28.To avoid...
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