Skills of Project Management and How It Is Applied by Project Mangers

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1. Introduction of project management2
i. Issues and Background Analysis 2
ii. Who is the Project Managers3
iii. Project team3
2. role and key skills of project manager4
iv. Role of Project Manager and their responsibilities4 v. Skills in achieving of a successful project6
3. Conclusion and recommendation8
4. References9
5. Appendixes 11
vi. Appendix-01 12
* Reason for Project failure related to soft and hard skills12 vii. Appendix-02 13
* Case studies (Samsung Engineering co., Ltd) 13

1. Introduction
Construction industry is a vibrant sectors that contributing significantly to boost the economic climate of a country. With time, the construction industry is evolving and facing new challenges like social, economic, and technology which are affecting all industries. The complexities of the projects are different from those of the last century, also opportunities, problems and expectations in construction are varies. The changing requirements of a client, companies and employees diverge from time to time, and thus the vision of the construction industry is always evolving, to sustain, management must change too. Any construction body must develop an execution plan and vision that lead the way to achieving its end results. The fundamental to achieving those positions in successful management, by identifying pros and cons of the project, wants to be delivered. To ensure that, project management techniques and the process must be developed based on the past experiences and the present project context on many levels, such as implementing, organizing, delegating, decision making and performing. In general the role of project manager is distinguishing as playing a vital role than any other actors in the construction industry, to achieve the better results. But in the real situation there are issues related to the role of the project managers in regarding to the responsibilities of the position. Some people believe in the industry that the project managers are focused on the planning and process, and failed to produce a productive results in the end. Often say in experienced project manager’s struggle on guiding and organizing the project team in the right direction to build a final outcome. On other hand, there is a concept that the field experience can be useful, but not completely required. It is better to have a qualified or skilled project manager with no field experience than a field professional without project management experience or qualification. In this paper, the subject will cover the following areas, to have a better understanding of role of the Project Manager and the skills that he possesses to successfully manage the project and the project team, concept behind the different project management systems based on the project types and apply them. Also collective methods and practices are adopted by the Project Manager to manage the project

1.1 Project manager
The Project Manager, a person who is responsible for ensures and manage that the Project Team completes the project in a successful manner. The Project Manager is responsible for develops the Project Plan, who include the project team in to the process. Also manages the team’s activities and their performances of the project tasks. Also the project manager has the responsibility to secure acceptance and approval of outputs from the client and Stakeholders like government authorities and host community. The Project Manager is the key person holds the responsibility for communication with all stakeholders, including status reporting, risk management, development of issues that cannot be managed or resolved within the team....
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