Skills for Web Design

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The skills necessary for Web Design
February 14, 2013
Dustin Heaps

Throughout life, there are many skills people need. Ross Macpherson's article “The Top 5 qualities you need to advance your career” (2006) states that these are: Self-Motivated, Interpersonal Skills, Think strategically, Inquisitive Innovation, and being Open to Change (p. 27). The most important out of all these skills necessary for success in ones career and life are self-motivation, interpersonal skills, and thinking strategically.

In this article, Macpherson writes that self- motivation refers not only to getting the job done without being told, but more importantly it means taking responsibility for doing whatever is necessary to get the job done (p. 26). Also stated in the article is that getting along with others, whether customers or colleagues, is at the heart of fitting in with the culture of a company, being a valuable part of your team and being successful (p. 26). Macpherson also states that thinking strategically requires people who not only focus on their expertise, but who also see where and how it fits the big picture (p. 26, 27). The article says to be inquisitive and ask questions both of yourself and what you see around you (p. 27). Another thing the Macpherson says in the article is that being flexible is being able to accept and adapt to change (p. 27).

Out of all of these skills my strengths are self-motivation, thinking strategically, and flexibility. The ones I think need to be further developed are interpersonal skills, because even though I have no problem getting along with people I sometimes tend to stick more to myself than socializing with others, and being inquisitive because I don't usually ask many questions. I gained self-motivation recently when I realized my liberal arts degree wasn’t going to get me anywhere and that I was the only one who could change it.. I think that I am always thinking big picture rather than just the moment. I...
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