Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health Human Service Workers

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  • Published : April 2, 2012
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Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health Human Service Workers Your Name
BSHS 471

Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health Human Service Workers Human service workers are people who are chosen to work with people. Human service workers help clients become more self-sufficient.  The workers are there to help what issues the client is currently experiencing to be handled with some ease.  Human services workers evaluate and plan, put the plan into action, and provide emotional support (Moffat, 2011).  These workers help in the mental health care because they allow the person to become a part of their treatment and believe that someone is on his or her side. Human service workers work in many capacities in the mental health care system and other agencies.  They have to meet clients at the level in which they understand and operate.  They not only help the client, but also help bridge family input to help the client adjust.  Human service workers become vital in the recovery process. Human Service Workers in the Mental Health Service are social workers who strive to make better options for their clients.   They help the client obtain the treatment they require and in some instances if family connections are needed they help restore him or her.  Human service workers become a part of a client’s life until he or she can enter mainstream America and survive on his or her own.  Surviving on their own may not always be an option and the assistance of other agencies, families, and workers are vital to the client's survival. The human services worker is like a life coach to the client.  Each session has to provide them with a life skill and an assignment for them to complete.  This is part of the recovery process because there is an ending to this process.  It is done in stages, and it is a lesson learned every time.  The human services worker becomes a part of the client’s life but must recognize that once the session ends he or she progresses on to the next client and assist them with their concerns.  The client has to know that in that moment that he or she matter. Personal characteristics of people differ for those of a career in human services.  Human service workers have to understand that a career in this field is a calling and not a choice.  To work with people and make them feel as if they matter is a calling and not something they choose to be good at.  Human service workers have to be personal, friendly, willing to go the extra mile, and fight on behalf of the client.  The person has to relate to people and understand his or her level to understand.  The characteristics that I feel are most important are able to meet people on their level and know that sometimes you have to change your manner of speech. Empathy is a characteristic is useful in being a human services and one that I do not show very often.  I have sympathy, but empathy is something that I personally have to work on. In addition to the empathy leadership is a characteristic and the most important is communication. You must be able to communicate with the client, your peers, and other agencies to complete your task of helping your client. Empowerment would be a huge characteristic as well.  This will give you a feeling of being able to do what needs to be done within your scope of available resources. This makes human service workers effective in the jobs they do and meeting the needs of the clients they assist.  I know you must separate your personal feelings from your professional feelings.  An effective worker knows how to separate them and make sure that the lines do not cross.  Human service workers are needed to help with facilitating the assistance that some clients need and without their help agencies would not be able to be effective. Human service workers have a definite position and the must also exhibit certain characteristics that make them worthy of the position they hold as well as the work they do. The thought process...
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