Skilled Care Pharmacy

Topics: Process management, Pharmaceutical drug, Total quality management Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Skilled Care Pharmacy
One of the total quality management principles is to produce quality work the first time. Because of the high risk factor, skilled care pharmacy providing an accurate order fulfillment and delivering the right drug to the right patient at the right time. All the customers in this sector depends on skilled care pharmacy to provide their daily pharmaceutical needs that’s why depending on the customer type specific delivery requirement may be implemented to better serve the end user. Also skilled care pharmacy has adopted new quality policy to meet or exceed both internal and external customer expectations. Leading to complete customer satisfaction and enhance people working together to serve the lives of others. SCP is working on continuous improvement by continuous education and training to their employees to improve their employee skills. Also trying to be up to date by utilize the internet for publishing pertinent information and special application to report specific information about customer issues for companywide resolution. Also SCP serving the environment by using different medication dispensing methods. SCP encourage teamwork by including associates with all levels of educational training, at times multifaceted work teams are formed through cross-functional approaches to complete the tasks at hand.

Skilled care pharmacy can meets these challenges and improve its ability to provide the its customer need by applying a specific measures such as statistical process control to control the variation in their services and by studying the market and their competitors to set benchmark to follow. Skilled care pharmacy should focus on their people by hiring a highly skilled employees and continually training them. They also should empower their employees and make them have more responsibilities to make the right decision and involve them in decision making. Skilled care pharmacy should continual improve their process by...
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