Skill Acquisition

Topics: Learning, Skill, Dreyfus model of skill acquisition Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Skill Acquisition
Skill acquisition is vital for advancing in your stages of learning, my skill acquisition in volleyball is affected by various different factors. Skill acquisition is the ability to learn a skill, factors that affect my ability to develop skills are my age and maturity, physical characteristics, personality, motivation and opportunities. My skill acquisition in volleyball is affected by different factors, and some of these factors have a negative impact. Since older people have a greater capacity to process, store and remember information, my age and maturity slightly hinders my ability to acquire skills - I was born in September, quite late in the year and I have physically developed later than most others (started growth spurts years after my friends). My physical characteristics also negatively affect my skill acquisition, I have a less than average height for my age, I am slightly overweight for my height, I am quite weak, have little endurance and I also don’t have great vision. These sub-par characteristics of mine deter my ability to acquire skills in volleyball since I cannot physically achieve. My skill acquisition of volleyball is positively affected by various factors. I believe my personality and motivation play a big role in contributing to my skill acquisition. A high level of motivation is needed if an athlete wishes to learn quickly and my getting involved from my enthusiasm, confidence and motivation give me the opportunity to execute and practise my volleyball skills, so I can therefore acquire them. Opportunities that are available to me aid me in my skill acquisition, this also ties in with my personality and enthusiasm and is benefited from them. Opportunities such as the after school tutorials would allow me to practise and further acquire volleyball skills, and my motivation and enthusiasm let me attend these opportunities and gain these benefits. Different factors affect my ability to acquire skills, negatively or...
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