Skiing - Falling in Love

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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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Rushing down a snow covered slope on wooden planks– that was my reflection of skiing. I never thought skiing to be anything more and I never ever dreamed sliding down the incline myself. Until, a holiday to US was planned in December 2009. It was my first experience with snow and it was close to midnight when the plane landed. After renting a four-wheel drive, my family and I made our way to a beautiful wooden lodge in Lake Tahoe. The sky was scattered with twinkling stars and the roadsides were layered with snow, my vision was limited due to the night sky, but the thought of seeing snow made me tingle in excitement. The next day, we made our way to Squaw Valley for our first experience in skiing. The crunching sound of frosted snow under my shoes made me comprehend my sudden love for snow and I felt comfortable around it. After renting skis and poles, we scrambled our way to a beginner slope. I realized that this was out of my comfort zone and I started trembling in nervous anticipation. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and allowed myself to be towed by gravity down the ‘slope’ – now looking back; it was just a slight tilt of the ground. Fear took over me and the sudden rush made me regret my impulsive decision before. But the ‘slope’ was merciful and I made it down in a piece. Being my first in skiing, I satisfied myself with this little incline for the remaining of the day. As I rushed down a few more times, I found myself falling in love. The hastening sensation sends sweet quiver down my spine. That experience was like drugs and I wanted more, before this trip ended, my parents brought my two sisters and I to another skiing resort, Badger pass. My confidence had been built because of the easy runs in Squaw Valley, so I made my way to a slightly steeper slope. Using the same method as before and allowing gravity to pull me, I closed my eyes to enjoy the gentle breeze. Suddenly, I found myself tumbling over and over in a clashing of skis,...
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