Ski Shop Business Plan

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Customer service Pages: 24 (6196 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Business and Marketing Plan:
P&R Ski and Snowboard Shop
Zurich, Switzerland

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary


Company Summary

Company Ownership
Start-up Summary


Market Analysis Summary

Market Segmentation
Target Market Segment Strategy
Competition and Buying Patterns

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Competitive Edge
Sales Strategy
Sales Forecast

Management Summary

Personnel Plan

Financial Plan

SWOT Analysis

Executive Summary

P&R Ski and Snowboard Shop will stock a range of ski clothing, footwear and equipment.

P&R Ski and Snowboard Shop sells a range of items related to skiing and snowboarding; we will also sell items suitable for other winter sports. We are dedicated to assisting your purchasing decisions with the most highly trained, knowledgeable staff; our mission is to ensure your skiing and snowboarding satisfaction!

Every pleasurable ski and snowboard experience starts with the right equipment to help you to the next level. There are few "bad" modern skis and snowboards, but there can easily be bad matches between the equipment and rider. Whether you want a ride that will help your technical skill development or simply wish to make what you already do easier and more fun, we help you find the perfect gear and length for your skill and energy levels, preferred terrain and conditions and personal skiing goals.

Boots are at least as important as skis and snowboard; in many cases, even more important. Boots form 100% of the connection between equipment and rider. Boots are the control link between rider, equipment and snow. We specialize in custom boot fitting and orthotics and assure not only perfect fit but also ultimate performance, tailored to your specific needs.

P&R Ski and Snowboard Shop will stock goods in line with current fashion trends and strong brands still command premium prices.

P&R Ski and Snowboard Shop will be in the business of selling equipment to people at every level. With our knowledgeable staff we will provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable coming in and asking for advice and discussing equipment needs.

The number one competitive edge P&R Ski and Snowboard Shop enjoys is providing customers with unparalleled service. As a smaller operation it will be impossible to compete with some other shops on a price basis. Providing a group of knowledgeable employees who enjoy what they are doing is the only way that P&R Ski and Snowboard Shop can provide the best customer service.

Once this trust is built our competitive advantage can be sustained.

The type of equipment that P&R Ski and Snowboard Shop will provide will also be a source of competitive edge. Much of the equipment found at P&R Ski Snowboard Shop will not be found at larger chain shops. In fact the only way one can buy high-quality equipment is through catalogs. It is the same for many types of boots. Most sporting shops tend to only sell equipment that is trendy. Trendy equipment is not a sign of high quality; it is a sign of great marketing.

P&R Ski and Snowboard Shop will provide quality equipment and will be able to educate customers on why certain equipment is better than the typical mainstream brand equipment.

Based in Zurich, P&R Ski and Snowboard Shop wants to be a recognized ski shop. An exact location has yet to be set, but owners are avidly searching for a high foot traffic location.


The primary objectives for the shop are:

1. Brand recognition. P&R Ski and Snowboard Shop will be the recognized winter sports shop in Zurich. 2. To be operating at a profit by the end of the first year of business. 3. Achieve a 25% combined growth rate in sales from years one and two, and then maintain no less than 12% growth rate thereafter


P&R Ski and Snowboard Shop strives toward building long-term relationships...
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