Ski Jacket Characteristics

Topics: Waterproof fabric, Durable Water Repellent, Water Pages: 4 (1092 words) Published: March 13, 2013
1. Waterproof (Wicking?) & Breathability
Waterproof Ski Jackets: If you're serious about being warm, you should be serious about waterproof materials. Your insulator is good as none when it's soaked, so features like taped seams, waterproof zippers, waterproof fabrics and advanced techniques in construction mean the most when it comes to being invisible to water. Arc'teryx knows this, that's why they used Gore-Tex XCR fabric in their Fission SV jacket. The Fission SV also uses Primaloft polyester insulation. It's insulated, waterproof, breathable, and awesome. 

Waterproof jackets also come in shells, with little insulation. They are perfect for layering, perfect for allowing you to tailor your clothing to the temperature outside. Mountain Hardwear likes to layer, so they offer a lightweight, waterproof and insulated shell called, the Alcove jacket. The Mountain Hardwear Alcove jacket features a lining that helps it glide over insulating layers, not to mention the jacket repels water 5 times longer then other jackets

2. Insulation
* wool jackets
are plenty warm, and as a material it doesn't retain much water, water repellent, but you'll want to make sure it can withstand the excess amounts of moisture you will face and that the material will not be too itchy. highly insulating

Down & Insulated Ski Jackets:
Down has been a popular thermal insulation filling materials for hundreds of years. Down does not produce heat, the actual insulation comes from the still air entrapped. Hence, down clusters with the entrapped still air, act as a resistance to the flow of heat from the body as well as a barrier against external temperatures. Therefore, down serves as a filler, and thus, down ski jackets can capture body heat and be breathable at the same time.

Skiing requires either layers or an insulated jacket, taking into consideration that you'll be going rather fast and in cold conditions with maybe some snow falling. You can either go with...
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