Sketch Movie Office Space

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Office space stress!

Peter: I'm in the car because there is a heavy traffic so I’m stressed, I look at the clock it’s late and it upset me more. Samir: call Peter on the phone...

Peter: Hi Samir how are you?
Samir: Hello good and you?
Peter: so-so the traffic is too heavy I’m about to go there. Samir: ok here is Michael we will wait for you
Peter: pass me Michael
Samir: Ok
Michael: hi what has happening why don’t you get here.
Peter: Hi traffic sucks here, the boss is already there?
 Michael: Yeah, but is in his office and he didn’t noticed that you have not come so move your ass men. Peter: ok bye
Michael: bye
Peter arrived at the office.
Peter: hello…
Michael and Samir: Hello peter be careful the boss can see that you come late. Peter: ok does the boss let u work?
Michael: The boss will not stop nagging me he told me to send emails of control, laws and business rules to all workers here so I have to copy 150 rules and send them to everyone. Samir: he bothers me more, I told me to get two hundred and fifty impressions of the company brochures in 20 minutes then turn them in the street during my lunch hour. Peter: he doesn’t call me yet so I’m still free.

Michael and Samir: ahahaha he will do it soon
the phone rings....
Peter: hello good morning boss how are you?
Leader: Speaking
Peter: OK Ok then
Boss: hangs up…
Peter: The Boss sent me to buy a coffee for him and receive calls at the reception. Michael: that isn’t the work of the receptionist.
Peter: Yes, but she has not arrived, well I'll do my job, you 2 have something to do also Michael and Samir: Yesss (tired, bored).

I go to buy a coffee and then I entered to the reception.
Michael, upset with the computer because it does not work ...Samir: send printed brochures and locks the printer stops working...

Michael: Samir lend me your computer mine don’t want turn on. Samir: Ok take it... you know where I can print the brochures … the printer only printed a brochure halfway and not go out complete ... Michael: take off the paper of the print machine.

Samir try removing the paper and he got upset because break the brochure.

Michael: Go to reception and talk to Peter to see if you can print in the reception.

Samir will look for Peter at the reception ...and the phone rings...

Peter: Hello good day Miss Can I help you?
Grandmother talking ...
Peter: sorry lady this is not a pharmacy you’re wrong
Grandmother: talking
Peter: Yes I’m sure this is not a pharmacy lady you’re wrong this is a computer company. Grandmother: talking
Peter: No, we don’t have medicine here this is a computer company is not a pharmacy. Grandmother: talking
Peter: yeah, I'm sure it's a computer company and is not a pharmacy lady... bye have a good day and is not a pharmacy… Samir: Who was that?
Peter: A grandmother asking for drugs.
Samir: ahahhahahaha in a computer company.
Peter: She thought it was a pharmacy.
Samir: ahahahhaha
Peter: so you’re here for?
Samir: my printer don’t want to take the brochures ...
Peter: that’s why?
Samir: No ideas but the boss maybe call me in minutes to see the brochures ... Peter: The printer here doesn’t work it was taken for repair yesterday. Samir: Fuck ... now what I will do.
Peter: Keep trying on yours ahahaha
Samir: -.-!
Peter: see you at lunch
Samir: Ok
Samir back to his office to keep trying with the printer....

Michael: what happened do you printed in reception?
Samir: the Printer machine doesn’t work there too.... -.- Samir: AAGGGHHHHH PRINTERRRRR COMONNNN!!!

They meet each other to go lunch and Samir brings the printer machine ... They throw to the ground it ... and they start to punch down the machine and Michael removes his stress by hitting until break it and he is taken to calm down by Samir and Peter ...

Peter: You have to get us quit from the company.
Samir: how?
Michael: Do not following orders.
Samir: but...
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