Skateboarder Discrimination

Topics: Skateboard, Skateboarding, Juvenile delinquency Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Stereotypes and discrimination against skateboarders are a big enough issue that it should be discussed mostly I want to discuss this topic because of the fact that I am a skater myself. Stereotypes against skaters negatively affect us in many ways. I mean, people constantly label us based on looks and things done in the past. If you have facial piercings, gauges, etc. you are labeled as a vagrant or a juvenile delinquent. If you are riding a skateboard, you could be labeled as a juvenile. Sometimes I get blamed for vandalizing private/public property even if I’m just riding my skateboard on the sidewalk. It’s totally ridiculous because people always tried to argue with us saying that we constantly ruin their property, when it has happened in the past, but by someone else. And when something like that happens, it creates controversy. Everyone that is a skateboarder gets blamed and labeled for someone else’s action

But for the first time in 1963, people recognized skateboarding as something cool and also recognized as a pass time sport.

And now that skateboarding had been pushed to its new limit, the cities were getting tired of having skateboarders skating every public set of steps and sliding or grinding anything they could find. The people began to stereotype skateboarders as delinquents and drug users because of their appearance and the fact that the people who didn't skate could not understand the attraction to skateboarding. They saw it as a way to let out violence or some even saw it as anarchy. As with any sport you will have the good guys and you will have the bad guys. Skateboarding has had its ups and downs but it is safe to say that it is here now and possibly at its biggest peak ever, but this will most likely lead to the greatest depression of skateboarding in history as well. But those who are true and those who are new into the sport and love it will never let it die out.
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