Skateboard Stress Analysis

Topics: Elasticity, Length, Wheel Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Deflection of Skateboard Deck and Analysis of Speed wobbles Using Finite Element Analysis

Skateboard is a mode of transportation and a recreational hobby which consists of a deck (Wooden platform) and trucks to which wheels are attached. The maximum speed could be varied by changing the size of the wheel. But with any commercial size available there is always a risk of speed wobble which cause the board to vibrate and lose control. And the next thing you know is a fractured hand. In this project I would perform a finite element analysis on the deck by varying the position of the load on the board, by shifting the front foot at different positions. Due to the weight of the rider, bending of the board occurs, due to which a force is experienced by the trucks. Depending on this bending the stress would be analyzed at the trucks. And then finally come up with the best position to minimize speed wobbles and accidents. The Deck is made of maple wood with a modulus of elasticity of 1290 Kg/mm2. The length of the deck is 31.75 inches.

The width of the board is 7.87 inches.
The thickness of the deck is negligible when compared to its length hence it could be neglected. The trucks are made of aluminium with a Youngs modulus of 69GPa (approx) and a poison’s ratio of 0.3. The board is fixed at two ends with the trucks. The distance between them both (wheelbase) is 16 inches. The weight of the rider is fixed i.e 160 lbs.


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