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  • Published : July 15, 2011
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Don’t Close Skateparks!
Lay Rodriguez
One day I went skateboarding with my friend in Guelph Ontario. We went skating to an outdoor park, and we saw signs saying, “UNDER CONSTRUCTION.” We asked everyone what was going on. They said that they were taking down the skatepark. This made me realize that some people don’t understand why skateboarding is necessary for teenagers. Skateboarding is good for young people because it brings people together, it’s educational and it’s healthy.

Skating is an activity that brings people together. Every single teenager can do it they just need hands,feet,shoes, and a board. One reason why it’s accessible to every teenager is because it is free to ride. Another reason is that you can ride it anywhere and anytime that you want to skateboard with your friends. People like to skateboard the most in the summer. This is a good opportunity for teenagers to meet up because they don’t have school in the summer to bring them together. One example of teenagers coming together in the summer is events and competitions at skateparks. Last summer many children, teenagers and adults met up at The Plaza skatepark in The Beaches to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. They skated almost all of Toronto's skateparks and they had giveaways and competitions.Therefore, even though teenagers are not in school in the summer they get together because of skateboarding. Even though they’re not in school they might not know it but they’re learning.

Skateboarding is also educational. What you learn from skateboarding is to do tricks. Learning tricks teaches you how to be dedicated. You have to dedicate your time to get better at something or to learn how to do something step by step. In order to do any single trick you first have to learn how to ollie. So, once you learn how to do an ollie you can move on to the next step which is a kick flip, A kick flip starts with an ollie, but you have to flick your board with your foot to make it spin underneath...
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