Skateboard and Wheels

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Deck, Trucks, Bearings and Wheels
What exactly are decks, trucks, bearings, and wheels you might ask? Actually they are all parts to a skateboard. Skateboarding is a lot more complicated then what most people think. There are a lot of parts that make it work. Skateboarding has a very long history behind it and countries throughout the planet have set records and created new tricks with the sport. Just be careful while you are riding one because one small mistake can send you to the hospital.

A skateboard consists of five main parts. The deck is the wooden board that you stand on, it is usually made out of maple wood combined with a polyurethane coating used for making smoother sides and stronger durability. Newer decks actually contain helium or fiberglass to make it lighter and stronger. A deck needs grip tape though in order to provide your feet the grip they need. The grip tape is easily placed on top of the deck and the edges are cut to fit the board. Trucks are what screw into the deck and act like axle of a car. They support the board and are capable for any wheel you decide to put on them.

The wheels are an important essential to the board, but in order for your wheels to work then you need bearings. Bearings are small wheels that go inside of the boards wheels and are able to turn very easily. They are a pain to get in but they are what make the wheels spin for so long. The wheels are the last part of the board. They have many different types of wheels fit for how people like to ride. If you don’t like doing tricks and just like cruising, then big and soft wheels are the best because they absorb the impact of rocks and cracks. If you like doing tricks then smaller and harder wheels are great because they give you more control.

Skating has a very long history dating back the nineteen fifties. The first skate board started out as a piece of two by four with a handle on it also known as a scooter. Once the handle broke off people started riding...
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