Skadurz Pro

Topics: Sales, Snowboard, Snowboarding Pages: 4 (1387 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Course Management Principles
Instructor: Kathy Tarrant
Date: June 24, 2010
Case Study Elements
1.The primary case participants are owner Joel St. Marseille and his mother full

time manager Connie St. Marseille.

2.The organization is Skadurz Pro which is a store that sells skateboard and snowboard equipment as well as clothing, shoes and accessories. 3.The problems facing this organization are the retirement of Connie, the stores full time manager, as well as the stores two current locations. There is competition moving in across the street from the New Sudbury location, and the building that houses the South End location is up for sale. If St. Marseille decides to keep both locations, he does not think that he can manage both stores alone and would therefore need to hire a trustworthy manager since his full time manager is retiring. If St. Marseille decides to close one of the stores, which one should he close? The New Sudbury location where West 49, there competition is moving in across the street or the South End location where the building is up for sale and there is no indication that the new owner will keep St. Marseille as a tenant. 4.The most critical problem is the incoming competition of West 49 and whether or not to keep that store location open. This is the most significant problem because would the competition create a loss of sales for Skadurz Pro? 5.What caused these problems was the incoming competition of West 49 a large retail chain specializing in skateboarding and snowboarding equipment as well as clothing. 6.This organization provides skateboard and snowboard equipment as well as clothing shoes and accessories. 7.Skadurz Pro has created a unique product as they sell custom skateboards as well as unique skateboarding and snowboarding VHS and DVD movies that are often not available north of Toronto. In addition if the store does not carry a product a customer wants St. Marseille could place a special order. This is a...
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