Sizwe Bansi Demonstrates the Imperative for the Black Person in South Africa to Be an “Actor” to Present an Enforcedly “Acceptable” Mask to His or Her White Masters' (Crow). Discuss the Relationship Between Acting and

Topics: White people, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1576 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Sizwe Bansi demonstrates the imperative for the black person in South Africa to be an “actor” to present an enforcedly “acceptable” mask to his or her white masters' (crow). Discuss the relationship between acting and identity in two plays on the course.

Identity and acting are massive themes within both Sizwe Bansi Is Dead and Death And The Kings Horseman. In both plays, the black people are enforced by the whites to behave in a certain way. Some do this In order to live an easy life or for other reasons such as survival or to provide for there families, but some resist by retaining there cultural values, or revolting. But the relationship between acting and identity is of great importance, as within both books there is resistance and themes which show the clear difference between the act that characters put on to meet the 'whites' enforced identity, and there actual native identity. But in both plays these themes are raised in very individual ways which differ greatly from the other but ultimately represent the same meaning and also have many similarities. Though they differ ultimately they derive from the same cultural and sociological problems and concerns in which the authors seem to have felt the need to arise or write about or discuss through this platform. In Death and The Kings Horseman individuality is of massive importance, and the actions of the individual. This is important when discussing identity, as Elesin's duty as an individual, as his role as a leader of men, I feel is a symbol of the black individuality and the importance of retaining the black identity, as his task to commit ritual suicide is a tradition, that within the play I find that symbolises, the black community clinging to there black identity, through the individual actions of one of there leaders. He is setting an example or leading the way, defying the imperative the white man attempts to enforce. This symbol is a clear defiance of the imperative to act for the white person, as...
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