Size Zero

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  • Published : April 28, 2012
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Size Zero: The Blame Couture

We have heels to give us height, belts to give us waists, “miracle knickers” to shrink our behinds, mascara to improve the length of our eyelashes – we are never happy. Young women have taken it to the extreme to become their ideal picture of ‘beautiful’. This includes fasting for days, excessive exercising and taking laxatives. It has gone too far. ‘Size Zero’ is wrong but the blame does not lie with themselves. It is those who place the burden on the girls to become thin- too be ‘beautiful’ and even ‘model-like’. The pressure to be a size ‘0’ is soul destroying. To be told you are not perfect enough can kill a young woman inside. Even more disturbing is the internal torture on a woman physically. Being ‘fat’ is becoming an epidemic in the UK. Although there is a small minority who are unheard and being shadowed by those who are being provided lifesaving treatment by the NHS. Eating disorders take a terrible toll on internal organs but also fertility and most importantly mental health. This is a result of the ‘Size Zero’ name tag being placed on a woman’s shoulders. Why a ‘0’? A zero is round. So why does the fashion industry relate this to a transparent skeletal frame? Anorexia and Bulimia are the most common eating disorders in the UK and are the cause of ‘Size Zero’ phenomenon. Bulimia – known medically as Bulimia Nervosa – is an eating disorder marked by cycles of binge eating of excessive quantities of food, followed by purging using self-induced vomiting and laxatives. The result of excessive vomiting can be of the burning of the oesophagus and also cause dehydration and chemical imbalances in the blood. Controversy surrounding the deadly actuality of size zero has escalated intensely in the past decade, bringing a whole new generation of new young women that are victims of this phenomenon. The burden of being thin on a woman’s shoulders is a heavy one, especially in the modelling industry. It is a row the fashion...
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