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‘At first Cole is afraid and hesitant to reveal his ‘sixth sense’. Why does Cole eventually feel able to tell others of his secret?’

The movie, Sixth Sense, is a psychological thriller directed by M.Night Shyamalon. It is a film about a troubled nine-year-old boy, Cole Sear, who can see ghosts that do not know they’re dead, and therefore, is called a ‘freak’ at school because of his actions towards them. Eventually, he becomes hesitant around other people, especially towards his mother, who cares for him but can do nothing but tell herself that the scars and bruises on Cole were simply from ‘sport’ as he would not say a word to her about his secret. Cole’s life begins to change when he meets a child psychologist, Dr Malcolm Crowe, on the streets of Philadelphia. Together, with the help of Dr Malcolm Crowe and Cole’s respect towards his own feelings and to others around him, whether they are dead or alive, Cole eventually feels that he is able to tell others of his secret.

During the film we see many significant events which change the way Cole feels about his ‘sixth sense’. One of these many key incidents was his realisation that his sixth sense can help living people as well as the dead. An example of this was when Cole helped Malcolm with his distance relationship towards his wife, as she stated ‘finally, someone is recognizing the sacrifices you’ve made...That you have put everything second, including me’ which gives the example that she is in a place she doesn’t want to be. Not only did he help Malcolm, but he also helps a girl, Kyra Collins, who was constantly being poisoned by her mother. By helping Crowe and Kyra, Cole discovers that not all ghosts can be the frightening ghoulish people he draws at school and therefore, becomes more comfortable when communicating with ghosts and towards his feelings about his sixth sense.

Another significant event which affected Cole’s perspective of his sixth sense was when Dr Malcolm Crowe told Cole a story, a...
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