Six Sigma @ the Edge

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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GHANA TELECOM UNIVERSITY AND COVENTRY UNIVERSITY ECM29EKM: Quality Management and Six Sigma Individual Written Assignment–April 2013 IMLOs Covered: 1,2,3,4,5 Module Leader: Andrew Nunekpeku Submission Date Two (2) weeks after the written examination date.

Assessment Guidelines
• This coursework is worth 70% of the overall module marks. • The assignment questions are based on the main case. Supplements A and B provide useful insights into previous Six Sigma initiatives in the organization. • Preferably your write-up may not exceed 5000 ± 10% words. • This coursework should adopt academic conventions in terms of writing style, be supported by research, with proper attribution of sources and be fully referenced. • Do not submit an unattributed ‘cut & paste’ model solution found in books or on the Internet. Any incidence of plagiarism will be dealt with in accordance with the policy of the university. • Coursework allows students to study, review, analyse and present solutions to extended problems or cases. They are designed to assess students’ understanding and ability to apply the range of concepts, theories and models examined in the taught modules. Assignments are often open-ended and will always require a high level of independent research that stretches beyond the taught module material.

Six Sigma Implementation at Maple Leaf Foods: How to extend Six Sigma implementation at the Rivermede plant. Six Sigma has become a popular management philosophy adopted by several large companies including Maple Leaf Foods as a means of reducing waste systematically. The plant manager at the Rivermede plant is preparing for a meeting with the senior manager to discuss the new initiative, Six Sigma @ the Edge. Based on the success of Six Sigma at this plant, it was chosen as a pilot for this new initiative. Maple Leaf Foods (A): Leading...
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