Six Sigma Strategy in Burger King

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  • Published : April 13, 2009
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Six Sigma is a very disciplined total quality methodology that all companies should adopt because following the Six Sigma strategy helps identify and remove cause of defect and errors in business processes and manufacturing. Burger King is a company that needs to adopt Sigma into their strategic planning process because this will improve the company's relationship with their consumer and help bring the company on the same level with McDonald's. This paper will discuss why Six Sigma is the best methodology and why it should be incorporated into Burger King strategic planning process.

Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects in any process from product to service and from manufacturing to transactional (2009). There are six key concepts to Six Sigma and they are: critical to quality, defect, process capability, variation, stable operations, and design for six sigma (2009). The first key concept can help improve Burger King's performance focuses on the attributes most important to the customers which is being served quality food with fast and friendly service in a clean restaurant. The second key concept is defect which means failing to deliver what the customers want, Burger King processes needs to change the company needs faster service in their restaurants drive-thru and the front counter area to better serve the customers and keep the customers satisfied. The third concept is process capability and this step focus on what Burger King's process can deliver; this process ask can Burger King drive thru, front counter and grill area capable of speeding up service while giving customers the correct orders, provide the customers with quality food at a speedy pace, and keeping the customers happy. The fourth concept is variation and this step focus on what the customer see and feels, the customers can see if the if the employees and managers are doing the job they are getting paid to do, if the food they ordered is...
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