Six Sigma and Its Implementation at Motorola and General Electric Companies

Topics: Six Sigma, Motorola, Process management Pages: 3 (749 words) Published: March 4, 2011
Nowadays, quality in business plays a significant role in the organization’s performance. Many companies use Six Sigma their tend to have the Six Sigma as a transformational quality methodology to enhance their performances as well as their consumers’ satisfaction. Six Sigma was founded in 1986 by an engineer at Motorola Company named Bill Smith (Motorola, 2010). Since that time Motorola has developed this process to be more effective in terms of quality. Six Sigma has distributed in many companies, such as General Electric. The process helped these companies that implemented it to make a significant improvement in their performance (Motorola University). In the following paper, I will focus on the definition of Six Sigma and its phases. Also, I will point to the implementation roles of the Six Sigma. Moreover, I will write about Motorola and General Electric as good examples of companies that have implemented the Six Sigma strategy. Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a strategy that works to define the errors related to the business process and the causes of them by paying more attention to the consumers’ important outputs and measuring the quality of them (Snee, 1999). Therefore, Six Sigma consists of five important phases that work to improve the business process. These phrases are widely known of DMAIC, which is an acronym for opportunity, Measure performance, Analyze opportunity, Improve performance, and Control performance (Motorola University). The implement phases of Six Sigma

Define is the first phase of the Six Sigma phases. The goal of this phase is to reduce the process errors and failures (Cheng, 2010). To achieve this goal, the phase starts by identifying the process’ problem and defects in a measurable formulation in order to measure it and solve it (Cheng, 2010). Moreover, it works on identifying the project of improvement and its delimitations, such as the budget, cost, and the...
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