Six Sigma

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Six sigma is the result of culmination of quality concepts.
However dramatic process improvement is the goal of six sigma. Six sigma is an innovative approach to continuous process improvement and a TQM methodology. DEFINITON OF SIX SIGMA
Six sigma can be defined as “a business process that allows organizations to drastically improve their bottom line by designing and monitoring every day business activities in ways that minimize waste and resources while increasing customer satisfaction. THE ORIGIN OF SIX SIGMA

Six sigma was born in the 1980s at motorola.bill smith, an engineer at Motorola’s communication sector, was quietly working behind the scenes studying the correlation between a product’s field life or reliability and how often that product had been repaired during the manufacturing process. SIX SIGMA PROCESS MODELS

6 sigma is a discipline process, which helps the companies to focus on developing and delivering nearly perfect products and services by avoiding variations in the process. 6 sigma calls for extremely rigorous data collection and statistical analysis to find source of errors and find out the ways to eliminate them. DMAIC

Step 1: Define >this is the first phase of the process improvement effort. It is similar to the plan phase of pdca cycle. During this phase the 6 sigma project is defined. Definition of project requires that information pertaining to the customer requirements is available. Step2: Measure>the team identifies the key internal processes that influence CTQs and measures the defects currently generated relative to those processes. This phase consists of a number of sub-processes. (i) Identify measures the appropriate measures for the process have to be identified. The measures are to be finalized by the project team after brainstorming. (ii) Once the...
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